• Fully Customizable Hangul Necklaces

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Customizable, Affordable and Fashionable

Koral offers you the opportunity to design your own Hangul necklaces. Starting from our unique designs, you can then select your preferred color and your personalized text to go along our high quality chains by following three simple steps.


Step one

Choose your base design

Step two

Choose your font and color and add to cart

Step three

Type your desired word in the cart tab and make your purchase

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Complete your look!

“Since I am a big fan of Korean fashion I thought I would give this product a try. Turns out the product looks high quality and the fact that you can write your own text is awesome”

Charlotte M.

Great gift idea!

“I bought this to my girlfriend for her birthday with her name on it and she was all smile. Haven't seen her without it since”

Andrew C.

Great product, even greater service!

“The product looks just like the pictures and the shipping was super fast. I contacted the store since I had a couple questions about the text translation and they were really helpful. 100% would recommend”

Dustina M.